Sunday, 27 April 2014

Cute Name, Terrifying Procedure: 'Cinderella' Plastic Surgery Is on the Rise

Women of the world, you probably know this moment, too: You ask the polite shoe salesman to bring you that snakeskin lace-up stiletto or navy ballet flat in a 9 or 7 or whatever, and he brings a shoe that's two sizes too small, purring a coy, "It's the only size left, do you want to just trrrrrry it?" It's a valiant effort, but inevitably you gawk, like what, am I supposed to just cut off my toes to fit into that?

Well, maybe. For years now, plastic surgery to alter women's feet to look better and fit better in shoes has been on the rise. (Doctors can even make your shoes feel better, thanks to strategic Botox injections on the balls of your feet.

Now, as The New York Times reports today, these operations are apparently more popular than ever, so if you thought women's vanity was limited to our faces, chests, and love handles, well, you're wrong. Plastic surgery is now a lucrative head, shoulders, knees and toes game - emphasis on the toes.

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