Tuesday, 10 April 2012

It Is Dangerous To Be Right, When Those In Power Are Wrong

Queen of England's Fortune Due In Part To Drug Trafficking
Mystery surrounds death of French academic after his nude body found in New York hotel
Google shows off Project Glass augmented reality specs

                   The future is here! Leave your brain at home!

Autonomous Drone Successfully Mimics Bird Flight

Inside America's Drone HQ

2,500 marines in Australia 'new battlefront for US'?
North Korea 'preparing to unveil missile capable of striking continental US'
DHS won't explain its order of 450 million hollow point bullets
How the US Uses Sexual Humiliation as a Political Tool to Control the Masses
Riots erupt in Greece after 'martyr' shoots himself over debt crisis
Preemptive Arrests Planned for Olympics Protesters?

The Face of Authoritarian Environmentalism
Israel asks US for $700 million in military aid
U.S. Defines Its Demands for New Round of Talks With Iran
'The next ambassador for Detroit': Crime-ridden city set to erect bronze RoboCop statue after campaign from residents

A fog of drugs and war: 110,000 active-duty Army troops took prescription medications
Ultimate 'zombie' mind control: Myths and facts about weapons of the future

You’ve suffered 'care’, so you lose your child
Council snoopers to read our emails as internet giants could be forced to hand over data
Janis Sharp, Gary McKinnon's Mum on Anonymous v the Home Office
2012 World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates/NATO Summit Chicago 2012
LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Device) will be used at NATO Summit Chicago 2012
NATO summit prompts city to yank solar-powered garbage barrels

Peace Corps leaves Mali, new U.S. travel warning issued
Pentagon plans for telepathic troops who can read each others' minds

$24 billion British budget blowout in black hole F-35 project
Riots may be controlled with chemicals

Disaster zone robot competition announced by Pentagon

Suicides among Army personnel up 80% in four years


  1. WOW! Disturbing, isn't it? I don't even feel like I need to read each link because EVERYTHING is being done in PLAIN SIGHT!

    And people still refuse to comprehend. smh. It's that damn twitter and facebook AKA DISTRACTIONS!



  2. it is very disturbing, indeed. the future is here, and the majority of the people have left their brains at home!!

    they are busy having fun (read: having their minds put in a box):

    Binge Drinking: How much is too much?


    thank you for commenting!