Saturday, 28 April 2012

'I Hope It Is A Smooth Transition When Prince Charles Kills The Queen And Seizes Power': Sacha Baron Cohen's Character The Dictator's Controversial Message To The UK

He already caused a stir promoting his new film when he tipped Kim Jong-Il's 'ashes' over Ryan Seacrest at the Oscars.

Now, Sacha Baron Cohen has controversially attacked the Queen in a new trailer for The Dictator made especially for the UK.

The London-born comedian wished Her Majesty well for her upcoming 'blood diamond' jubilee and said he hoped it was a smooth transition when Prince Charles kills her and takes the throne.

The hyped-up film tells the story of a fictional leader, General Aladeen, who is thought to be based of Jong-Il and Saddam Hussein, of a the fictional Republic of Wadiya.

In an intro to the latest trailer, the bearded character, played by Cohen, is seen sitting on a chair surrounded by gun-wielding plebs.

He addresses the camera, saying: 'I would like to congratulate your dictatoress Elizabeth on her blood diamond jubilee and I hope it is a smooth transition when her son Charles eventually kills her and seizes power.'

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