Friday, 6 April 2012

Here Is Anders Behring Breivik's Unknown Terror List

Mass killing man claims to have planned attacks against about 30 named targets. A number of these are as yet unknown targets.

According to Dagbladet knows the terror accused Anders Behring Breivik have told police how he examined a range of up to now unknown terrorist targets.

In June 2011 he will have decided to place a car bomb at the Royal Palace. This should have been the main target with the government quarter and the Labour Party headquarters. 

Took too long

The castle and the Labour Party's headquarters at Youngstorget in Oslo will be the two goals that he laid down the most energy in reconnaissance work, the Dagbladet reported.
Both these and all other goals to Breivik have dropped since the time and money was about to run out in early summer 2011.

Breivik should have realized that he would be able to make a bomb. Thus, the government building left standing on the list as the only bombemål (target).

For this reason, Breivik have set up several new names on a list of potential targets for mass murder. Utøya goal ended late on this list.

Breivik's terrorist targets:

Car bombs: 
Government buildings
Labour Party headquarters 
The castle

Other types of attacks: 
City Hall
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Post transfer building
NRK Marienlyst
The Norwegian Association
Coupling conference hotels, Tonsberg
Youngstorget 1 May
Oslo Spektrum
Telenor Arena
House of Literature

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