Thursday, 5 April 2012

'Do Not Disturb!' Disturbing Anti Human Images By Norwegian Photographer Anja Niemi

Norwegian photographer Anja Niemi has a unique way of communicating with her subjects. She photographs interiors and even though the “human” is omnipresent in her imagery, it is the interiors that capture her attention and imagination. Anja is fascinated by the way space translates life and human activity.

In her previous work, she photographed decaying buildings on the death-row to demolition - “houses and buildings with past, but no future” as she has referred to it herself. With her photography and especially by merging herself into these rooms, she created a channel for those abandoned buildings to express their fear. They had served their purpose and were no longer required. Her imagery served as a sad silent cry from the victims of modern society – victims that are often overlooked in the excitement of progress and prosperity.

Anja’s most recent body of work “Do not disturb” will be shown in London’s Little Black Gallery from the early days of next week. Here Anja investigates life, or more suitably the absence of it, in hotel rooms. She packed her bags and left her peaceful Scandinavian life with her two daughters behind and checked into various luxury hotel rooms across the world. She put a “do not disturb” sign on the door and with her camera, she started an almost exorcist ritual of communication.

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