Monday, 6 February 2012

Willow Smith Shaved Head: Why Did The Teen Queen Go To Such Extremes?

If your biggest claim to fame was "whipping your hair back and forth," would you suddenly shave off all of your strands in favor of a buzz cut? Most would answer no, but for singer Willow Smith, that answer is YES. The 11-year-old debuted a severely cropped cut yesterday (Feb. 2) on her Twitter page, shocking many fans. While this story is strange enough as it is -- famous or not, how many tweens do you know who would chop off all of their hair? -- making it even more intriguing is the fact the typically chatty star gave no explanation for her sudden hair overhaul. The youngest Smith simply posted the photo on her social media pages ... leading to speculation that something had occurred in Willow's life to cause such a shocking reaction, a la Britney Spears. But Willow wasn't the only Smith sib making noise on Twitter yesterday. Earlier in the day, brother Jaden posted the cryptic tweet: "Worst Day Of My Life." Had something happened within the Smith family to prompt such varying, yet extreme, reactions from both Willow and Jaden?

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