Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Hit Star Wars Game Lets Players 'OWN' And Torment Female Slaves With Electric Shock Collar

Gamers playing the hit online game Star Wars: the Old Republic are torturing and abusing a female 'slave' character with punches and an 'electric shock collar' - and enjoying it.

The character comes with a 'shock collar' that allows gamers to ensure 'obedience'. 

YouTube videos show players of the million-selling role-playing hit abusing the character with electric shocks and backhanded slaps to the face, with captions such as 'Keeping your slave in line.'

The game has dialogue written specifically FOR players who choose to treat their companion like this - Vette continues to respond in a lifelike fashion after players have been torturing her for hours.

One of the first things players are given the option to say is 'Obey my every command.'

The character, Vette, is a companion that accompanies Sith players - the evil version of Jedi knights - on their journeys.

She is described as a 'Slave, Treasure Hunter, Survivor'.

Vette is a 'companion' for your character in the game - players have the option to be pleasant, and have Vette follow out of loyalty, or to torture and coerce her into submission.  A script has been written specifically for players who choose to torture their 'slave'

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