Sunday, 22 January 2012

After-Like: Facebook 'If I Die' App Posts Your Last Message Post Mortem

While death bed confessions were once all the rage, a new Facebook application allows users to spill their hearts from beyond the grave. Now, when people ask ‘If I die before I wake’, the real question is: ‘What will be my last status update’?

That’s right. An Israeli company specializing in ‘time capsule’ products came up with the the free 'If I Die' application for the world’s most popular social network.

Upon confirmation of your passing from three user-appointed ‘trustees’, the app then posts a pre-death (one can only hope!) video or text message on your wall.

The makers of the app recommend sharing a personal testimony or even a deeply held secret to be shared with hundreds of your closest friends and family members.

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You're dead? There's an app for that: Facebook lets you send one last video from beyond the grave

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