Monday, 31 October 2011

Rihanna Is Forced To Cancel Show In Sweden After Being Hospitalised

'Sorry, Malmo!': Rihanna tweets her apologies to her Swedish fans, while hooked up to an IV drip at hospital. (Poorly, but not too ill to flash the horned devil sign.)

She is currently making her way around Scandinavia as she brings her Loud Tour to her Norwegian, Danish and Swedish fans.

But last night, the latter were left extemely disappointed after Rihanna was forced to cancel her Swedish date due to a bad dose of the flu.

The singer was taken to hospital and put on an IV drip in and took to her Twitter page to give her heartfelt apologies to her fans.

Posting a picture of her arm hooked up to the drip, she wrote: 'Sorry, Malmo!'

She also released a statement that said: 'I am sorry to everyone who was coming out to my show in Malmo Switzerland. I was so excited to perform for you all.

'It would have been a great time…so much better than being sick with the flu, ugh! I'm really disappointed I couldn't be there.'

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Jessica Simpson Mummyfied: It's True! I Am Going To Be A Mummy!

Jessica Simpson has kept mum about her pregnancy, even though it was becoming increasingly obvious she was ... until yesterday, on Halloween. She appears in photos posted on her own website, dressed in a weird frilly and slightly scary 'mummy' outfit.

Jessica Simpson

From Beyond The Grave! Amy Winehouse's Secret Album Lioness: Hidden Treasures

A true hidden treasure: Amy Winehouse's secret album to be released months after her death.

She had been working on new material for years, trying to better smash hit record Back To Black.

And now a secret album of brand new songs by Amy Winehouse is being slated for release months after the 27-year-old's death. 

Amy Winehouse Lioness: Hidden Treasures is said to contain original tracks as well as covers.

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1. OUR DAY WILL COME (Reggae Version): Re-working of classic 1960s doo-wop song produced by Salaam Remi Gibbs (better known as Salaam Remi) and recorded in May 2002.

2. BETWEEN THE CHEATS: Recorded in London in May 2008. Produced by Salaam Remi.

3. TEARS DRY: Original ballad version recorded in November 2005 in Miami with Salaam Remi. The later version appears on Back To Black.

4. WAKE UP ALONE: The first song recorded for the Back To Black sessions. This is the one-take demo recorded in March 2006 by Paul O'Duffy.

5. WILL YOU STILL LOVE ME TOMORROW: Version of the Carole King-written Shirelles classic. Produced by Mark Ronson and featuring the Dap Kings with string arrangements by Chris Elliott. Recorded in September 2004.

6. VALERIE: One of Amy's jukebox favourites, the original slower tempo version of the Mark Ronson-produced post-Back To Black single. Recorded in December 2006.

7. LIKE SMOKE featuring Nas: Amy and American rapper Nas became friends after Amy name-checked the New York rapper on Back To Black's Me & Mr Jones. Produced by Salaam Remi and recorded in May 2008.
8. THE GIRL FROM IPANEMA: The first song 18-year-old Amy sang when she went to Miami to record with Salaam Remi. Recorded in May 2002.

9. HALFTIME: Amy and Salaam Remi worked on Half-time since the Frank sessions. Recorded in August 2002.

10. BEST FRIENDS: Frank-era live set opener produced by Salaam Remi. Recorded in February 2003.

11. BODY & SOUL with Tony Bennett: Cover of 1930s jazz standard with Tony Bennett. Recorded at Abbey Road Studios London in March 2011 and produced by Phil Ramone.

12. A SONG FOR YOU: Heartbreaking and emotional version of the classic made famous by Donny Hathaway, Amy's favourite artist. The song was recorded in the spring of 2009. Produced by Salaam Remi.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

'Crotchfaces': Duck Sauce - 'Big Bad Wolf'

"Big Bad Wolf" "is pretty simple, and it can mean anything, really, so we wanted the video to have its own narrative," says A-Trak, one-half of the dance duo Duck Sauce, along with DJ Armand Van Helden.

"Remember when dance music videos used to actually be creative? Like when you think back to Aphex Twin, Fatboy Slim and Daft Punk… I don't know why the genre's videos became so generic in recent years.

Blue Bloods: Prince Charles Joins Campaign To Save Transylvania's Forests - Because Of His Family Connections To 'Count Dracula'

Prince Charles is campaigning to save the forests of Transylvania, inspired by his ancestral links to Vlad the Impaler, the 15th century nobleman better known by his patronym, Dracula.

Rapid economic growth in Romania - which is now part of the EU - means that the forests of the Carpathian Mountains are under threat from development and logging.

The Prince is calling for the forests, some of the last untouched wilderness areas in Europe, to be protected before they are lost, like the woodland that once covered Britain.

He claims a family connection to the area through Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia, who earned the sobriquet Vlad the Impaler thanks to his favoured method of torture and execution.

The 15th century nobleman, notorious for his bloodthirsty campaigns against the Ottomans and fierce repression of his people, is a distant ancestor of Charles's great-grandmother, Queen Mary.

The total number of his victims is estimated in the tens of thousands, many killed by being impaled on huge metal stakes.

His reputation for cruelty is said to have helped inspire Bram Stoker's diabolical villain, Count Dracula.

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1499 German woodcut showing Dracule waide dining among the impaled corpses of his victims.

Vlad The Impaler

British royalty dined on human flesh

Saturday, 29 October 2011

'Women As Agents of Change': Commonwealth Agrees Historic Change To Give Sex Equality In Royal Succession

Reform: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's first born child will inherit the throne after David Cameron struck a deal with Commonwealth leaders to end the rule that the first-born male takes the thrown

Girls born to members of the Royal Family are to be given equal rights with boys in the succession to the throne as centuries-old rules were overturned today.

As the historic changes to the monarchy were agreed, the Queen, at the Commonwealth summit in Perth, Australia, hailed the power of women to change the world.

The reforms mean the if the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's first child is a girl, she will take precedence over any younger brothers in the order of succession.

The 16 Commonwealth 'realms', including the UK, Canada and Australia, also agreed to scrap outdated laws which ban anyone in the line of succession from marrying a Roman Catholic.

The changes were announced by Prime Minister David Cameron at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Perth.

As politicians unanimously agreed the dramatic reform to royal succession laws dating back more than 300 years, the Queen said the untapped potential of women and girls should be set free.

Speaking at the opening of the summit of the 53 Commonwealth countries, she said: 'The theme this year is Women As Agents of Change.

'It reminds us of the potential in our societies that is yet to be fully unlocked and it encourages us to find ways to allow all girls and women to play their full part.'

'We must continue to strive in our own countries and across the Commonwealth together to promote that theme in a lasting way beyond this year.' 

Her comments will be taken as a sign that the Queen approves of the reform.

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The Queen makes the opening speech for the Commonwealth summit.

Women as Agents of Change - Animated Film

The Commonwealth

Friday, 28 October 2011

President Obama Holds Secret Meet-And-Greet With Hollywood Execs And Influencers (Exclusive)

Before he left Los Angeles for San Francisco on Tuesday, President Barack Obama stopped for an undisclosed meeting with some of the entertainment industry's high-level executives, as well as talent representatives with access to the industry's top stars and musical acts, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

Among the small group of industry insiders who were invited to attended the early-morning meeting with the president at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel were: Weinstein Co. studio head Harvey Weinstein, CAA managing partner and music head Rob Light, ICM president Chris Silbermann, Modern Family creator Steve Levitan, Atlantic Records chairman Craig Kallman, producer/songwriter Bruce Roberts, talent manger and producer Jason Weinberg, UTA music agent Rob Prinz, talent manager and producer Eric Ortner, Island Def Jam senior vice president Karen Kwak, Warner Bros. Records president Livia Tortella, talent manager Greg Mertz, ID PR publicists Kelly Bush and Mara Buxbaum, talent managers Bruce Flohr, Michael Green, Steve Moir and Bill Silva, Universial Music Publishing Group executive vice president and head of creative Tom Sturges, entertainment attorney Chuck Ortner and actor/activist Kal Penn.

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Jemma King On Popular Music, Tavistock Institute And Monarch Programming

We hear people talking about so called "artists" such as Lady Gaga. Most have a very naive view of what these popular icons are really about and make passing comments about the pornographic nature of the videos. There is a school of thought that none of these artists have any control over their work and are victims of project Monarch. Monarch is a mind control project ran by the CIA which involves taking control of individuals minds by using hypnosis and trauma. By controlling these artists minds and ensuring they are then given maximum exposure in the media, means the sadistic group that has abused them are controlling the minds of millions of young people. The music makes listeners switch off to the world around them, thus making them more controllable. "Oh it's just harmless videos", well not quite ... If your kids are listening to this crap you need to be concerned.

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'He Takes A Lickin But He Keeps On Tickin' - Steven Tyler Performs With A Black Eye And Broken Teeth

He has struggled with addiction problems for most of his life but this morning Steven Tyler spoke out to refute claims that his horrific fall on Tuesday was caused by intoxication. 

The 63-year-old Aerosmith front man called in to The Today Show to discuss the issue with host Matt Lauer and revealed an image of himself taken shortly after the fall in which he sported broken teeth and a nasty black eye.

Tyler, who fell whilst taking a shower, first entered rehab back in 1984 but insists that this time he was completely sober.

'I went in looking like Baryshnikov,and walked out looking like [boxer] Leon Spinks!' her told Lauer.

'Just quite frankly I passed out... I fell on my face, I woke up with the water running on me, not knowing where the hell I was.'

And when Lauer approached the subject of a relapse, the veteran rockstar was only too happy to clear the air.

'Being in the program I'm in, it's something we have to accept. 

I went public with my problems only to address them straight on -- people thinking [I relapsed] is natural and normal.'

'It still bothers me a little, but it's something I'll have to deal with the rest of my life.'

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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Sex Kitten Anja Konstantinova 'Feels Like She Is A Bit Of A Cat'

From Victoria by Victoria Beckham and Opening Ceremony to Carine Roitfeld's campaign for Chanel, cats seem to have taken the fashion world by storm this season.

But for model Anja Konstantinova they have always been cool.

The Russian-born, Melbourne-based beauty, 20, admits to being 'quite obsessed' with felines. 

She boasts four tattoos in keeping with the theme, and even likens herself to the animal.

So a new lookbook and video campaign for Australian label Stylestalker, which required her to adopt a series of cat-like poses was little challenge.

Miss Konstantinova can be seen licking her 'paws', and nuzzling her face into a fluffy white cat.

An accompanying video sees her move in a graceful - uncannily feline - manner.

In an interview released alongside the campaign, she admits that she 'feels like she is a bit of a cat' herself.

Showing off her cat-inspired tattoos, including one on her arm reading 'cat' in Russian, and another on her inner lip that reads 'meow', she revealed: 'I reckon I was  cat in my past life.

'I've actually been told I must have been a cat in my past life because I always curl up like a cat, act like a cat.'

She told how she 'gets along with cats quite well' and has two cats of her own, as well as one she is taking care of.

The cat theme also appeared in prints for Victoria Beckham's new Victoria by Victoria Beckham line

Opening Ceremony features a cat's face on the shoulder of a white shirt (left), and in her first campaign for Chanel, Carine Roitfeld dressed supermodel Freja Beha Erichsen as a cat (right)

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Evil Is Good And Lego Star Wars Stormtroopers Are Humans With Feelings Too

'I think we have to remember that even though they work for the dark side of the force, they are humans, with feelings and all that'

He may be one of the dark side's evil enforcers, but this Stormtrooper clearly shows a lighter side in these rather unlikely family snaps.

They were created by amateur artist Kristina Alexanderson, who likes to believe the footsoldiers actually have a normal home life despite their deadly day job as Darth Vader's henchmen.

In one scene - crafted using a Lego figurine and a 4in plastic replica - the notoriously regimented Star Wars soldier is seen tenderly carrying his son.

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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Did You Know Feds Will Temporarily Cut Off All TV And Radio Broadcasts On Nov. 9?

If you have ever wondered about the government’s ability to control the civilian airwaves, you will have your answer on November 9th.

On that day, federal authorities are going to shut off all television and radio communications simultaneously at 2:00PM EST to complete the first ever test of the national Emergency Alert System (EAS).

This isn’t a wild conspiracy theory. The upcoming test is posted on the Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau website.

Only the President has the authority to activate EAS at the national level, and he has delegated that authority to the Director of FEMA.

The test will be conducted jointly by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) through  FEMA, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) National Weather Service (NWS).

In essence, the authority to seize control of all television and civilian communication has been asserted by the executive branch and handed to a government agency.

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nationwide 'presidential emergency alerts' to be tested on nov9 video

Monday, 24 October 2011

Agenda 21: Population Of World 'Could Grow To 15Bn By 2100'

The UN has warned world population could reach 15 billion by 2100, adding pressure to crowded cities such as New Delhi. Photograph: Manish Swarup/AP

Nearly 7 billion people now inhabit planet but projections that number will double this century have shocked academics.

The United Nations will warn this week that the world's population could more than double to 15 billion by the end of this century, putting a catastrophic strain on the planet's resources unless urgent action is taken to curb growth rates, the Observer can reveal.

That figure is likely to shock many experts as it is far higher than many current estimates. A previous UN estimate had expected the world to have more than 10 billion people by 2100; currently, there are nearly 7 billion.

The new figure is contained in a landmark study by the United Nations Population Fund (Unfpa) that will be released this week.

The report –The State of World Population 2011 is being compiled to mark the expected moment this month when somewhere on Earth a person will be born who will take the current world population over the 7 billion mark, and will be released simultaneously in cities across the globe.

Some experts reacted with shock to the figure. Roger Martin, chairman of Population Matters, which campaigns on population control, said that the Earth was entering a dangerous new phase.

"Our planet is approaching a perfect storm of population growth, climate change and peak oil," he said. "The planet is not actually sustaining 7 billion people."

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Agenda 21

UN/Agenda 21

Agenda 21 For Beginners

From 7 Billion People To 500 Million People – The Sick Population Control Agenda Of The Global Elite

Vatican Calls For 'Central World Bank' To Be Set Up

The Vatican called on Monday for the establishment of a "global public authority" and a "central world bank" to rule over financial institutions that have become outdated and often ineffective in dealing fairly with crises.

A major document from the Vatican's Justice and Peace department should be music to the ears of the "Occupy Wall Street" demonstrators and similar movements around the world who have protested against the economic downturn.

The 18-page document, "Towards Reforming the International Financial and Monetary Systems in the Context of a Global Public Authority," was at times very specific, calling, for example, for taxation measures on financial transactions. 

It condemned what it called "the idolatry of the market" as well as a "neo-liberal thinking" that it said looked exclusively at technical solutions to economic problems.

"In fact, the crisis has revealed behaviors like selfishness, collective greed and hoarding of goods on a great scale," it said, adding that world economics needed an "ethic of solidarity" among rich and poor nations. 

"If no solutions are found to the various forms of injustice, the negative effects that will follow on the social, political and economic level will be destined to create a climate of growing hostility and even violence, and ultimately undermine the very foundations of democratic institutions, even the ones considered most solid," it said. 

It called for the establishment of "a supranational authority" with worldwide scope and "universal jurisdiction" to guide economic policies and decisions. 

Such an authority should start with the United Nations as its reference point but later become independent and be endowed with the power to see to it that developed countries were not allowed to wield "excessive power over the weaker countries."

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The Large Families That Rule The World

Some people have started realizing that there are large financial groups that dominate the world. Forget the political intrigues, conflicts, revolutions and wars. It is not pure chance. Everything has been planned for a long time.

Some call it "conspiracy theories" or New World Order. Anyway, the key to understanding the current political and economic events is a restricted core of families who have accumulated more wealth and power.

We are speaking of 6, 8 or maybe 12 families who truly dominate the world. Know that it is a mystery difficult to unravel.

We will not be far from the truth by citing Goldman Sachs, Rockefellers, Loebs Kuh and Lehmans in New York, the Rothschilds of Paris and London, the Warburgs of Hamburg, Paris and Lazards Israel Moses Seifs Rome.

Many people have heard of the Bilderberg Group, Illuminati or the Trilateral Commission. But what are the names of the families who run the world and have control of states and international organizations like the UN, NATO or the IMF?

To try to answer this question, we can start with the easiest: inventory, the world's largest banks, and see who the shareholders are and who make the decisions.

The world's largest companies are now: Bank of America, JP Morgan, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. 

Let us now review who their shareholders are.

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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Ceremony Of Dedication And Lady Liberty Enlightening The World - Torch Cams To Give Masses Views From Statue Of Liberty

This undated photo provided by EarthCam, shows the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor, in New York, through a fisheye lens mounted in its torch. Five torch cams will be switched on Friday, Oct. 28, 2011, during a ceremony to commemorate the statue's dedication. The five cameras, which will be on 24 hours, 7 days a week, were donated to the National Park Service by Earthcam Inc., a New Jersey-based company that manages a network of webcams around the world. (AP Photo/EarthCam, James Nicoll)

Give me your tired, your poor - your Internet-connected masses yearning to see. Lady Liberty is getting high-tech gifts for her 125th birthday: webcams on her torch that will let viewers gaze out at New York Harbor and read the tablet in her hands or see visitors on the grounds of the island below in real time.

The five torch cams are to be switched on Friday during a ceremony to commemorate the dedication of the Statue of Liberty on Oct. 28, 1886. The ceremony caps a week of events centered around the historic date, including the debut of a major museum exhibition about poet Emma Lazarus, who helped bring the monument renown as the "Mother of Exiles."

The statue's webcams will offer views from the torch that have been unavailable to the public since 1916, said Stephen A. Briganti, the president of the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation Inc.

"The statue is the most famous symbol in the world," he said. "Most of the people in the world have seen it, but they have not seen it like this. It will be a visit that so many people, including New Yorkers, have never taken before."

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The Statue Of Liberty was presented in 1884 as a gift from the French Grand Orient Temple Masons to the Masons of America in celebration of the centenary of the first Masonic Republic.

Unveiling of the Statue - of Liberty Enlightening the World (1886) by Edward Moran. Oil on canvas. The J. Clarence Davies Collection, Museum of the City of New York.


A ceremony of dedication was held on the afternoon of October 28, 1886. President Grover Cleveland, the former New York governor, presided over the event. On the morning of the dedication, a parade was held in New York City; estimates of the number of people who watched it ranged from several hundred thousand to a million. President Cleveland headed the procession, then stood in the reviewing stand to see bands and marchers from across America. General Stone was the grand marshal of the parade. The route began at Madison Square, once the venue for the arm, and proceeded to Battery Park at the southern tip of Manhattan by way of Fifth Avenue and Broadway, with a slight detour so the parade could pass in front of the World building on Park Row. As the parade passed the New York Stock Exchange, traders threw ticker tape from the windows, beginning the New York tradition of the ticker-tape parade.

A nautical parade began at 12:45 p.m., and President Cleveland embarked on a yacht that took him across the harbor to Bedloe's Island for the dedication. De Lesseps made the first speech, on behalf of the French committee, followed by the chairman of the New York committee, Senator William M. Evarts. A French flag draped across the statue's face was to be lowered to unveil the statue at the close of Evarts's speech, but Bartholdi mistook a pause as the conclusion and let the flag fall prematurely. The ensuing cheers put an end to Evarts's address. President Cleveland spoke next, stating that the statue's "stream of light shall pierce the darkness of ignorance and man's oppression until Liberty enlightens the world". Bartholdi, observed near the dais, was called upon to speak, but he refused. Orator Chauncey M. Depew concluded the speechmaking with a lengthy address.

No members of the general public were permitted on the island during the ceremonies, which were reserved entirely for dignitaries. The only females granted access were Bartholdi's wife and de Lesseps's granddaughter; officials stated that they feared women might be injured in the crush of people. The restriction offended area suffragists, who chartered a boat and got as close as they could to the island. The group's leaders made speeches applauding the embodiment of Liberty as a woman and advocating women's right to vote. A scheduled fireworks display was postponed until November 1 because of poor weather.

Statue Of Liberty

The Statue Of Liberty And Freemasonry