Wednesday, 24 August 2011

How Christina Aguilera's Son Max, 3, Got A Black Eye

An insider close to the singer, 30, explains that little Max fell while chasing squirrels at the park.


Did Max chase squirels again ...?

Celebrities Pose As Bruised And Battered Victims For Anti-Bullying Campaign

They can usually be seen bounding around the stage in outrageous outfits performing a variety of catchy tunes.

But in a hard-hitting campaign against bullying, Jedward are seen posing as assault victims, looking bruised and battered in the shots launched by children's campaigners.

X Factor judge Louis Walsh, Westlife star Mark Feehily, MTV presenter Laura Whitmore and actress Saoirse Ronan have also been photographed as part of the series of images launched by the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (ISPCC).

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Monday, 22 August 2011

Dead Beautiful: Cult Cosmetics Brand Launches Corpse Makeovers To Glam Up The Afterlife

In what must be one of the most unusual collaborations to date, cult beauty firm Illamasqua is to partner up with London funeral directors Leverton & Sons to provide makeovers to the dead.

The British brand - whose co-managing director is Joe Corre, founder of Agent Provocateur - has joined forces with the 200-year-old family firm to offer professional cosmetic transformations to those who wish to make a statement - even in death.

Dubbed 'The Final Act of Self-Expression', the firm say the service will help those who take a pride in their appearance to plan ahead so that they look good in death too. 

'It encourages people to plan their final transformation - one that pays tribute to who they were in life and how they want to enter the afterlife,' Illamasqua said, adding that the innovative service will bring 'ritual beauty' to the final act for those who love to 'self express.'

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Hollywood Babylon - Satanic Rituals And Demon Possession

Hollywood Babylon is a book by avant-garde filmmaker Kenneth Anger which details the sordid scandals of many famous and infamous Hollywood denizens from the 1900s to the 1950s. First published in the US in 1965, it was banned ten days later and would not be republished until 1975. Upon its second release, the New York Times said of it, "If a book such as this can be said to have charm, it lies in the fact that here is a book without one single redeeming merit."

... But the money ran out. So he wrote a book of scandal, and fittingly, his first publisher was Jean-Jacques Pauvert, the publisher of the Marquis de Sade. Weaving in the juiciest stories from pre-talkie Hollywood up to the Manson murders, Hollywood Babylon describes a Gomorrah where stars plummet as well as rise on the back of idol worship. With a wicked wit, Anger recalls Valentino's taste for submissive sex, Chaplin's misdemeanours with underage girls and a handful of starlet suicides, each one offset by a wickedly ironic choice of photographs. The New York Times called it 'a delicious box of poisoned bonbons'.

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Star Night At The Cocoanut Grove (1934) Actor Leo Carillo recite Don Blanding's poem "Hollywood", taken from "Vagabond's House".

Hollywood...Hollywood... fabulous Follywood...
Celluloid Babylon, glorious, glamorous,
City delirious, frivolous, serious,
Goal of ambitions and vicious and clamorous ...

(Featured in the beginning of "Hollywood Babylon" book.)

                        Kenneth Anger's Hollywood Babylon (Nigel Finch, 1991)

                              Kenneth Anger Interview - On Magick And Film Commentary

                              Hollywood Satanic Agenda

Sunday, 21 August 2011

15-Year-Old's Parents Suing Urban Outfitters For $28 Million Over "Spread Eagle" T-Shirt

Clothes store Urban Outfitters is being sued for using sexually suggestive pictures of a 15-year-old model on some of its merchandise.

The 'salacious' images, taken in March 2010, showed the girl - named this morning in the New York Post as Hailey Clauson - with her legs spread in a provocative pose.

Her parents are suing photographer Jason Lee Parry, Urban and two other stores for $28million damages, claiming they did not give permission for the photographs to be used on T-shirts and other apparel.

Hailey is now 16 and has worked in New York and Paris for designers including Gucci, Donna Karan and Oscar de la Renta.

The photo shoot was conducted with the parents approval. Filed in Manhattan on Thursday, the lawsuit alleges: 'She is posed in a blatantly salacious manner with her legs spread, without a bra, revealing portions of her breasts.

'The image of Teen in a spread eagle position making her crotch area the focal point of the image may portray a child in a sexually suggestive manner and may be in violation of one or more federal and/or state laws.'

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Good girl gone bad!