Thursday, 1 December 2011

Diamond Blues: Kate Moss And Bobby Gillespie Sold Their Soul To The Devil

December and the dark winter is here  ... and summer and innocence seems like a distant memory ...

'Gotta the diamond blues, honey .....  made the deal with the devil ... who gives me everything i want ... i gave him my soul ... i am natural born sinner ... Jesus don't fool me ...  don't care if i die ... satan satisfies me  ...'

Intimate Super-8 footage of Kate Moss, Bobby Gillespie and friends recording an impromptu version of the track 'Diamond Blues' one playful, summer's afternoon (2001)


  1. WOW! So much evidence yet so many resist the truth.

  2. yes, the devil seduces - he'll give you everything you want, as long as you become his slave and do the bidding for him ...

    many people don't want to see - it will burst their comfortably numb/dumb bubble ...

  3. "it will burst their comfortably numb/dumb bubble"... agreed.

    Don't they realize if they are making deals with the devil that the devil has a domain (the pits of hell)? What kind of "deal" would make you think you won't burn for all eternity? I guess money (and fame) is the root of all evil after all.