Monday, 4 July 2011

Who Needs Supermodels? MK'd Smurfette Strikes A Pose For Latest Harper's Bazaar

A Gallic-chic ensemble from Marc Jacobs, comprising of a black-and-white polka-dot beret (black/white duality), gloves and clutch bag (animal print; sex kitten programming), and a disco-inspired look by Dolce & Gabbana with a star-print (5 pointed star/pentagram) bag and coordinating jewellery. (Note: red and white polka-dot socks indicates/symbolizes the Amenita Muscaria mushroom; a psychoactive drug) and red shoes - ruby slippers, just like Dorothy in the "Wizard Of Oz".)


It causes her some embarrassment on one occasion, however, when she has a 'Marilyn moment' (Marilyn Monroe program) while standing on an air vent. (Note: more ruby slippers and red- white duality, and a blood-red reptile bag.)

Miss Piggy appeared on the cover of Time Magazine (Note: One eye symbolism and veil (symbolizing imprisonment/enslavement) and V signs.)

and Marge Simpson famously posed on the cover of Playboy.

Now Smurfette has followed in their footsteps by modelling for Harper's Bazaar.

The blue-eyed blond and blue-skinned (Avatar?) beauty, who is voiced by Katy Perry in the upcoming Smurfs movie, shows the supermodels how its done as she strikes a pose in the season's hottest new accessories.

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