Saturday, 2 July 2011

Madness, Conspiracy Theories & Pop Culture At La Luz De Jesus

Steven Dailey, “Covenant,” displays pieces demonstrating Steven’s research into conspiracies and secret societies.

“For the past decade I have been investigating conspiracies. I’ve learned of arcane societies and ritual-based orders built around ancient fraternities. I’ve studied the global elite, and scrutinized an eventual one-world government.

The men who formed our government were members of these guilds, and almost every president, with few exceptions, have been party to their aims,” explains Steven.

The imagery, secret rituals, and symbols exemplified through the subjects of Steven’s research can be seen in Steven’s works that comprise “Covenant.”

                 “A Fertile Madness”, Tammi Otis



  1. you are welcome thomas sheridan. i thought it was a good find too.