Saturday, 16 July 2011

Forever Marilyn: Sex Kitten Programming In Full Swing In Chicago

The sculpture "Forever Marilyn" by American artist Seward Johnson, grandson of Robert Wood Johnson I (co-founder of Johnson & Johnson) is based on a scene from Billy Wilder's 1955 movie "Seven Year Itch" and will be on display until spring 2012.

Marilyn Monroe is a name that refuses to die. And now, the Hollywood actress’ most endearing onscreen image has been sculpted.

The huge sculpture in a square on Michigan Avenue features the late actress in her famous pose from The Seven Year Itch, standing above a subway grate with her skirt billowing up.

Artist Seward Johnson's 26-foot tall detailed statue is made from stainless steel and aluminium, and weighs 34,000lbs.

It took a team of people to decorate the sculpture, with one worker given the job of going up in a cherry picker to spray-paint her knickers on.

Some critics call the piece crude, creepy, and sexist...

Marilyn Monroe statue carries a spectacle across the decade. Just when you thought the objectification of 20th century America's preferred icon of brazen, infantilized female sexuality couldn't go much further…along comes the 26-foot sculpture by Seward Johnson known as “Forever Marilyn,” unveiled Friday morning in Pioneer Court just north of the Michigan Avenue bridge. Read more here

"Forever Marilyn" unveiled. The bombshell is standing on what looks like a masonic checkerboard, with a "Fidelity Investment" sign between her legs.



Watch video of finally unveiled "Forever Marilyn" here


Marilyn Monroe poses over the updraft of a New York subway grating at 52nd Str and Lexington Ave while in character for "The Seven Year Itch" in Manhattan in 1954.